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  • What's the difference between a Medium & Psychic?
    As a Medium, I have a direct connection with those 'on the other side' - I can communicate with those in Spirit, receiving information and messages from them about who they are and what their life entailed. This beautiful gift allows me to help those moving through grief, or those who are seeking to communicate with those they have loved and lost. There isn't a specific limit of information that I can recieve from your loved ones in Spirit, and we can ask them questions, seek direct answers, gain their insight to your life etc - as they are always around you and assisting you however they can from Spirit. As a Psychic, I have the ability to connect with YOUR energy and recieve information about your life, past, present, future, who you are as a unique individual and what your future might entail, or other information relevant to your life, relationships, experiences you're going through or have been through. With this ability, I then use it to help people find a sense of balance, ease, relief or assist in helping them find clear and aligned pathways to move into their future empowered and enabled. Mediumship - Communication with the Departed. Psychic - Connection with YOU and your life in the here and now.
  • Can I bring a friend with me to my session?
    My sessions are intentionally a 1:1 session, this allows me to focus on your energy and not get distracted by your friend, or have their energy take over the reading. I like to be able to get personal and honest with my clients, and some people would be uncomfortable telling their truth infant of others. I don't want anyone to feel like they can't open up properly, let down their guard, or feel like they have to withhold anything because of who they have bought with them. So respectfully, I do not allow other people in your reading with you. I do offer Spirit Sessions which are for a group of friends, and now and then I release Bestie Sessions - a sessions specifically for two people. As a rule, my sessions are primarily 1:1 Thank you for respecting my boundaries.
  • Have you sought training for your gifts / skills?
    Yes, absolutely. I have learnt from other professional Psychic Mediums both within Australia and internationally. This includes successful and authentically aligned teachers in Victoria, as well as teachers overseas in the USA, and world renowned Psychic Medium Lisa Williams. I believe I will be learning about this craft for my entire life, as well as using life as a lesson itself. As Spirit will use whatever knowledge we have within us as a tool for messages.
  • What do I do if I cant make my session?
    I am more than happy to reschedule your session to another time that suits. I would love as much notice as possible to reschedule, but unless you are a no-show, I am happy to just move your appointment. Please email me at or contact me via social media if its urgent.
  • What SHOULD I do before a reading?
    There are many different ways you can help yourself receive the best reading possible. Firstly - get clear on your intention. It's important to prepare for our session together and have an Intention. Take time to think about what areas of life you need clarity, direction and guidance in and what the intention is for your booking. You can write questions down and come prepared if you like, or come without questions, but it is important to have a connection to your reason for coming.. It takes two to tango, and I want people to get the most out of their session, so please come prepared and have an idea of what you’re seeking to take away from our session together. If your Intention for your booking is to connect to a loved one in spirit, Take time to get clear on who you want to contact in Spirit. You're welcome to bring a photo or an item of theirs, however I don't often ask to see or hold these. If you have more than one person to contact this is fine, get clear on that, too. It can be helpful if you write a few things down, perhaps write some questions you want answered or things you’d like to know from them, or hear them talk about. I don’t need to know that you’ve bought things with you, I don’t need to know who you want to contact and I don't have to hold/see their items. This is more about you sending the signal to your loved ones and calling them in, which you literally can do. Spend time thinking about them over time until our Session. Talk to them, ask them to come through - they listen and respond to you simply by you setting an intention. It's important to be open. Please don’t expect me to read your mind and guess trivial things. Please don't come wanting to pry into other peoples lives and into things that are for mere gossip. This work is Beautiful, these connections are Sacred, and I am a Dedicated voice for the Departed. Please Respect that, as I Respect your loved ones in Spirit.
  • How do I know if you're the right Medium & Psychic for me?
    I am so glad you're asking this question or reading this info. I am not the right medium and psychic for everyone - and I don't want to be. I am intentional in the way that I work, and I require my clients to be intentional with their purpose for booking, too. This doesn't have to be a deep, serious intention, but I do want you to have an attachment to your reason for booking. This might be that you want to contact a specific family member or friend in spirit, or you're seeking clarity in a specific area of your life. One thing I really don't like is when people come to an appointment and don't care. "oh, whatever comes through" - is not a reason for coming to me for a reading. I can spend time with you scattering around surface information and giving you information that doesn't really matter - and you wont gain anything - so I'm not here for it. If you want to know about specific pathways or key areas of your life so you can make aligned decisions and actions that help you step into your higher timeline - then I'm here for it. I dont ask for much from my clients other than to have a think about your WHY, and come with a sense of care and connection to what you are seeking to gain from our session. Please don't come to a session with me wanting to know all about other peoples lives or with the intention to seek information that is not about you, for you, or any part of your life. This means I wont be snooping on family members you don't like, or tying to get the low-down on the daughter-in-law who's corrupting your perfect son. I'm not here for snooping, bitching, or to throw fuel on a toxic fire. I have literally had people turn up to a reading with a pen and paper and a list of questions about all other members of their family, but wanting to know nothing for or about themselves - don't ask me to do this, because I wont. Above all - I just ask my clients to come with an intention, a purpose and to be authentic in their reasons. I am here to serve you, to help you along this journey and winding path of life and grief, which equates to life and love. I am in credibly passionate about what I do, and I have helped hundreds of clients move forward or have incredible changes in their lives through communication with their dearly departed loved ones. That's what I'm here for. Deep soul work.
  • What NOT to do when you come for a reading...
    If you turn up to your reading on drugs, coming down from drugs, drunk, hungover or unwell I will turn you away and ask you to come back again. I don't know why some people try to hide this in a session - please be honest with me and just reschedule. I'm not going to judge you - I will just be grateful that you chose to come back sober and healthy. My energy is severely affected by those that come in for a reading - imagine sitting on a boat in the middle of a rough ocean and trying to read the fine-print of something - that's what it is like and it makes me physically ill.
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