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I'm a boldly spoken, passionate and purposeful Scorpio Woman, who curses like a sailor, laughs it all off and really values friendship, truth and authenticity. I have recently relocated from Geelong to Mount Gambier, South Australia. 

I have always been infatuated with the world that we can't see or explain, and am so grateful that 2020 gave me the opportunity to really explore who i am and what it feels like to be me. Tapping in to this has allowed me to really discover my gifts and abilities, nurture them and feel them grow, 

I'm passionate about working with Spirit and Psychic. I love the connections, conversations, healing and the ability to have a laugh along the way. 

I'm a Wife, Mother, Entrepreneur and a Curious being. I do what feels right for me, making decisions using my instincts, intuition and I'm all about the 'feels'. 

I have had a colourful life of travelling, freedom, following the bliss, connecting to people from all over the world, learning and having incredible conversations along the way. I love being a Woman and getting to know myself as an individual behind Patriarchal Conditioning. 

I am a Psychic, Medium, Telepath, Clairvoyant. Lover, Truth-Seeker. 

I guide Spiritual Journeys & Meditation. 
I Facilitate Women's Circles, Past Life Regression and adventures of Higher Consciousness. 
I am Passionate about connecting women to their Menstrual Cycles and utilising our cycle as a tool for exponential growth and alignment, not seeing it as an inconvenience. 

I have recently converted the Garage at our home into my shop & gathering space, reading space and my own sacred escape. It is where I conduct all my readings & we gather with intention. 

My work days are as follows.. 

Monday & Thursday one week.

Monday & Friday the next. 

One weekend a Month. 

Monday evenings are Meditation Mondays. 

I am a full time Mother, so my first priority is always raising my Daughter (alongside my incredible husband who works many many hours a week) Which is why my hours are limited. 

I Do what i Love and i Love what i Do.