XL Selenite Lamp

XL Selenite Lamp


Crown Chakra

Purification - Meditation - Clarity

Standing at just over 30cm tall, this Selenite Tower Lamp emits a beautiful and tranquil glow. A gorgeous addition to any space and beautiful glow.

Selenite is a powerful cleansing crystal, often used to cleanse other crystals under the light of the moon, or used in meditation to cleanse the body, energy centres and Auric field of stagnant and stuck energy. Also used to assist ones connection to the Angelic Realm, as it is associated with ‘white light’ due to its appearance and vibration. It’s used to promote mental and emotional clarity, amplify cleansing, and open the third eye and crown chakra, connecting to higher realms. Excellent in assisting one to reach a deep state of peace and tranquility. Paired with Black Tourmaline, is an excellent duo for protecting a house, boundary, room etc.

Price includes one light bulb and power chord with on/off switch.