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The Coven is a monthly subscription service which gives you access to my services and skills at a fraction of the cost of a 1:1 session, being perfect for those who want a sprinkle of magic through their month.

The Coven, Season 2 is bringing more bang for the buck, more meaningful connections and readings, updated processes and a much more beautoful presentation... 


Over 6 months, you'll receive over 33 readings from me, with an additional masterclass on intuition, psychic abilities and mediumship, 10% in-person masterclasses in mount gambier through 2024. This also includes 3 Zoom Reading sessions with an opportunity to get your psychic quesitons answered and Mediumship connections with your loved ones in Spirit. 

The Facebook group is more interactive with opportunities weekly to plug and promote your own spiritual business, or your business, spiritual or not; ask questions andf receive feedback, bounce ideas off other members, support from me in your growth. 

Everything is going to be meailed on beautofully illustrated emails sent to your inbox...
It includes: 
- A monthly energetic forecast reading - emailed.
- 3 Zoom Online Psychic Mediumship Lives with the ability to submit questions prior to the call to be answered on the call and mediumship connections.

- Weekly Card Readings beatifully illustrated and emailed every Monday
- Weekly journal prompts based off the weekly reading also emailed every Monday
- Private FB group for members only
- Intuition & Psychic Ability Q&A opportunities for special monthly podcast episodes based off your questions.
- Online Psychic / Intuition / Mediumship Masterclass.


The Monthly Energetic Forecast reading will follow the below intentions.. 

Using the energy and placements of those who sign up / subscribe / purchase, I focus my attention on bringing through information on a wider scale, to service people in a collective container, and read the energy and information provided to me by Source & the Collective Energy of those participating.

I bring forward future predictions of three key areas... explained in more detail below.

 My intention is always to bring you through information in the format of the following.... however as a collective reading, i will always follow the lead of Spirit and bring you through the information that Source feels is most important you, and most beneficial for the upcoming calendar month.

1 - Overall Theme. 
What overall energetic theme is set to play out through the next month. What might you be moving through or what might be presented to you. This can also serve as a reminder of how you can focus on yourself and what is important for you in the immediate future. This Is looking at what you might feel has a heavier influence over you, what's going to be taking up space in your external world, or perhaps the internal, too. The Overall theme is looking at what larger energy and experiences are likely to be presented for you to move through. 


This highlights what may come up for you that is likely to tempt you to go off-course or shift your energy. What might challenge you in the immediate future. If we can prepare for the challenges ahead we can prepare to move through them with more ease and remain connected to ourself through the process. 

This is a prediction of what is important for you to either remember or embody as you move through these challenges. Aiding you, or giving you a knowledge-based-tool for you to use as you move through the next month. 
My favourite part of these readings are that if we know what challenges may face us, then I can help you understand how to move through these. What to remember and what to call upon in times of need. The 'Pathway' through is information to assist you to to allow the challenges to remain external and not wreak havoc on your inner world. To help you remember that the Universe has got your back, and you have energy and guides working with you to help you move through these times. 

I really look forward to connecting with you, assisting you in your own process of evolution, helping you deepen your practices with Spirit & Self, and providing a safe place for self expression. 


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The Coven
Season 2! More Magic Monthly.
$28.00every month for 5 months
  • Weekly Card Readings will be emailed every Monday along with the Weekly Journal Prompt. 
    Your Collective Energy Projection Reading will be emailed to you for/on the first of every month. 
    The Bi-Monthly Zoom Live Psychic Medium Sessions will be on a Sunday in January, March & May. 
    Our Online Masterclass will be in April. 

  • This reading is non-refundable and non-transferrable. 
    You may cancel your subscription at any time, please know if you do, that you will be removed from the online container.