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Step into the Dark, and work with the Sacred energy of the Light. If you’ve ever wanted to experience connecting with Spirit or try your hand at speaking with the departed, I invite you to join me for Seance Club. 

Sitting in circle, being involved in invocations, ritual and ceremony, create sacred space with me and invite Spirit into  the Circle as I guide you through your own intuitive activations, support you through trying your own hand at communication and participation. Lean in as I bring through messages from the dearly departed and sacred Guides.


You will be emailed with what to bring, what is expected of you and how to arrive on the MONDAY before the session. 

If you are guided here, if you are curious - then this is for you. 



START TIME - 7pm. 

DURATION - approx 2 hours
WHEN? - Saturday 29th of July

Seance Club

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  • Seance Club takes place inside The Coven, my sacred space.
    Please bring with you something that belongs to a person you'd like to make contact with. A small trinket or a photo is fine. You are welcome to bring more than one thing or call in more than one person, so you are welcome to bring as many things as you would like. 

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