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One of my favourite ways to read for people is to sit quietly, connect to spirit and use a photo of your loved one to bring through information, messages, memories, special moments and the essence of their being. I love spending time with your loved one, intentionally and carefully bringing through a reading that will make you feel connected and close to them as you read it. 

I bring through accurate, personal, detailed information, where my clients have often said "i felt like they were right here with me",
"i knew as soon as i started reading that you were connected to my ...." and "i feel like i can actually hear them saying what you have written" and even "I can't believe how accurate you were, at one time i literally threw my phone across the room in shock because i couldnt believe the information that came through."

I'd love to bring you through a connection that is deeply personal, private and yours, to take your time to connect with and absorb the meessages at your own pace. This might be the perfect reading for you if youre not sure how you feel about an in person session or feel overwhelmed at the thought of coming in, or for my international clients who struggle with time zone differences.

I dont need to know any information other than having a photo/s of them to connect with. 

Photo Reading

  • Please allow up to 6 weeks maximum for your reading to come through. 

  • Please email a photo of your loved one along with your order number to ' '

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