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I take pride in being an Evidential Medium, meaning I connect clearly and deeply with your loved ones in spirit, to bring through information I should only know if I were in the room with them. Things like personality traits, relationship, passing condition, memories from your life and their life, what they see you doing lately, personalised and unique messages that are relevant, accurate reflections of what you have been experiencing since they departed this realm.

When connecting with your loved ones, friends, family, relatives, ancestors, guides - I give Spirit permission to use my body as a tool for communication. This allows spirit to temporarily impress different feelings, sensations, emotions, pains and experiences upon my own body, so I can get a more accurate and clear message from them. They often communicate their health, passing conditions, emotions, habits, etc upon me so I can clearly give this information to their loved ones for verification.

I like to bring forward the ‘essence’ of your loved ones, to invoke those deeper heartfelt acknowledgements - so not only do you ‘think’ I am connected to your loved ones, you ‘feel’, and ‘know’ that I am. My commitment to this, is to be a dedicated voice for the departed. To speak sometimes what they couldn’t, to acknowledge what your heart needs to hear, to speak understanding into the complexities of your relationship with them both in the living and the afterlife. I am able to answer questions you have for them with direct responses that are relevant and compassionate. 


It is my duty to give you my most authentic, honest, clear and un-tocuched messages as I can. For this reason, it is important how my relationship with spirit works, how deep my trust is, and what it means to surrender. 

I like to tell my clients it takes three to tango. You, Me and Spirit.

You chose to be here. Boldly or Vulnerably, perhaps both, but you are here for a reason. 

First - Your energy is important. You cannot get blood from a stone, the same way I cannot force you to open up and let me in to your energetic boundary. Come in, be open, give me the benefit of the doubt, open up. I promise, this is a safe place, and the walls of my studio have witnessed and held space for some conversations and experiences others could never fathom. Conversations of perfectly privileged passings to deeply traumatic, harrowing, breathtaking painful experiences. All of this is welcome here. No passing, no story, no experience is a burden for me to bear. 

Second - Me. It’s my job to prepare correctly, to be present, commit and dedicate myself completely to our time together. To ensure I am not affected by outside influences, personal life situations or anything that can or might affect our time together. It’s not my job to understand or interpret the messages. You know more than I do about your loved one. It’s also not my business. I do my best to deliver messages as they’re given to me, knowing and trusting that your person/s in spirit know exactly what they’re doing. They trust, I trust, that we’ve got all the tools we need to have a beautiful experience. I am the person-in-between. I’m the telephone. 

Any messages, information, symbols, predictions etc that aren’t understood in the session is usually followed up in the days, weeks or moths following by a message in my inbox verifying what I’ve said that has landed and made sense or come to fruition.

I take every consideration, care and respect to use intentional language in our sessions. I am so aware that some people are further along in their grieving process and have regained a form of strength, whereas others are still treading water. I promise to understand where you are in your journey, and read accordingly in respects to your boundaries, comfort and ability to go as deep or as limited as you like. I will never brazenly or ignorantly open up your wounds or traumas.


I believe that Mediumship is one of the most beautiful, incredible and healing things that we can experience and I’m so honoured that my past clients have trusted me with their hearts, vulnerabilities and communication to their crossed over loved ones. I hope that if you're seeking someone who is compassionate, accurate & leads from the heart that you'll trust me, too


Spirit - Runs the show, always has, always will. We are at the mercy and grace of Spirit, first and foremost. If I can’t get you an answer, it is because we are not supposed to know. If Spirit won’t provide an answer, it is because we are not supposed to know at this time. If a specific person you’re hoping to connect to hasn’t come forward and my abilities and toolkit wont bring them through, then we aren’t supposed to speak at that time.


I understand some people have expectations, perhaps stories they’ve told themselves of how our sessions are supposed to go… I ask you to drop them. Don’t miss out on the incredible experience that is infant of you because you wont let go of how you thought it would go. I don’t play the games some people have tried to play. Please don’t turn up with the intention to pry into other peoples lives. Please don’t turn up trying to trick me or fool me.

If I believe that I will be unable to provide you my undivided attention and deliver a reading to the quality and standard I require, I will contact you as soon as possible to re-schedule your session. I am open and understanding that life gets in the way, and for this reason I do not have a strict cancellation policy at this time. I am a mother first, and although sometimes life will lead me to ask us to reschedule, there is are always strings being pulled by spirit. We may not understand at the time, but if for some reason our original date of session needs to be changed, I’ve learnt to trust and understand this to be Divine Intervention. Trust the process. Sounds like a shitty excuse to some - I get it, but I disagree, and honour what I’ve learnt along this journey… there’s always a purpose.


Our session will run for one hour with the reading time taking approximately 45-50 minutes. 

In Person 1:1 Reading

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  • Please check your email. The link to my calendar will be sent to your inbox. 

  • Sometimes unexpected events and life gets in the way of yourself or myself being able to attend our meeting together on our original planned date. If you are unable to attend your session, please let me know. The only time i dont offer refunds or reschedulling is if you do not turn up to your appointment. I am flexible and lenient with reschedulling, please give me as much notice as you can. 

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