Akashic Record Reading

Akashic Record Reading

The Akasha holds an energetic library of information about your souls journey from the very beginning. Via a pathway prayer, is accesible to read, ask questions, recieve answers and guidance - of all curiosities big and small. If you have ever felt there was more to understand about yourself, deeper meaning to be found or parts of yourself that come from previous lifetimes, experiences & incarnations - the Akashic Records is where this information can be found. If you have questions regarding your life/souls purpose, past lives, strange habits, fears, beliefs or what is the right path - all the answers can be found in the Akashic Records. After talking and discussing your purpose for wanting to access the Records, as well as recieving your permission - i access your records, explore and communicate, transcibing what i recieve visually into powerful messages and memories of incarnations past, your souls truth. 


This is done in ceremony, with dedicated time before your reading to sit with spirit and create an intentional and potent connection to source. 


These sessions are done in honour, in reverence and with complete dedication, to ensure that what i recieve and the manner of which it is transmuted is an experience for your own senses and ancient DNA. 


I'ts important for you to understand that recieving information from your Akashic Records is not a surface level request - it defies ego, it will not bend to meet your needs, it will tell you exactly what you need to hear, and wont ever bring you anything you are not able to handle. When we access the records, we ask for the courage to kow the truth - this means we step into shadows, with divine purpose of activating change, or understanding ourselves more deeply. Previous Live's and lived experiences come through, and remembering that the privelige that we have now living in this modern age, in a priveliged country is completely removed from the truth of history as we know it, and as it is hidden.


If you are not prepared to come with an open mind, lean in to discomfort and drop your armour. If you are not ready to step aside from your ego and be challenged, or to be shown mirrors - then please do not book an Akashic Record with me. 


I will not sugar coat or lessen the truth for the sake of your comfort. 


purchasing an Akashic Record reading with me implies that you understand this may be emotional and triggering.


please note it can take up to / around a month for you to recieve your Reading after booking.



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