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Join Professional Evidential Psychic Medium Rhiannon Rose for a 12 Week online group course where you will delve into the realm of Psychic & Mediumship. 
Whether you have already begun your journey to become a professional, have never experienced or tried before to use your gifts before (and yes, we ALL have them), if you want to use your gifts personally or Professionally, let Rhiannon nurture you through the journey of discovery. 

Running over 12 weeks, this course is limited to 12 students to ensure a tailored experience suited to your individual curiosities, developmental needs, and the groups desires as a whole. 

Running 7pm - 9pm SA time. Dates are as follows... 
Kicking off on the 17th June, and then every other Monday as follows:
1st July
15th July
29th July
12th August
26th August
Includes 6 Mentoring / training calls over 12 weeks with In Depth & Personalised training focussing on
- Connecting with your intuition.
- Understanding the difference between Psychic & Mediumship
- Creating your own Psychic toolbox
- Ethics, Morals, Language & Responsibility of Spiritual Work
- Discovering and understanding different forms and your own unique way of receiving information
- Hands on Psychic & Mediumship experience
- Readings from and with Rhiannon Rose.
- How to connect to yourself & your Spirit Team
- Spiritual Hygeine 
- Understanding when and where to use Spiritual Protection

- Different ways you can use your gifts and support in finding your own path
- Free entry as a learning opportunity to Rhiannon’s online group readings. 

Rhiannon has thousands of Professional readings under her belt and a deep connection to the responsibilities of this industry. Learn how to begin your journey, or expand on your journey, finess your readings, become a Responsible, Evidential psychic medium if you desire to do so. 

At the conclusion of your 12 weeks you'll recieve a certificate of completion posted to you for you to keep. 

12 Week Psychic Mediumship Development

Price Options
One-time purchase
Payment Plan
Online Course
$275.00every 3 weeks for 12 weeks
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