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Spirit Sessions

Spirit Sessions and Large Group Readings are the real VIP Experience. Consider these your own intimate, unique and private group session or live show (large group).

This takes place in my studio, The Coven. A beautiful, candle lit, intentionally and sacredly opened space dedicated to Spirit Connections. With gentle practices of ceremony, honouring life and love, including a little bit of light ritual, these are a perfect way to experience what its like to communicate with your loved ones in a safe, comfortable, familiar and supported environment.

You and your chosen / invited loved ones will all witness each others connections, as we sit and talk openly around the table or lounge. It’s always beautiful when families or friends are together, as they often help piece together the puzzles and messages from spirit. Bouncing off each other in memory and celebration of their loved ones on the other side.

Laugh, cry, remember, heal, find closure and let love in. Each and every Spirit Session is unique and one of a kind. You all have different stories and experiences, messages and connections to enjoy and share with each other.

We get to spend two and a half hours of time together, were every participant gets a reading or connection with someone in Spirit. You are able to bring a platter and drinks if you wish, however I strongly advise against binge drinking and wont read if you are intoxicated.

Please think about the people you are attending with. I don’t like to filter what Spirit wants to communicate, so I don’t allow participants under the age of 18.

There are two options for my group readings. Small Group & Large Group. Both are 2.5 hours. Small group is for 4-7 people. Everyone gets a reading. Large Group is 8-15 people. (Unless privately arranged and agreed upon). 2 hours of continuous connections, completing as many readings as possible. Small Group $600 Large group $800

Please email me with an enquiry with the following ... - What month you would like your sessions

- How many people you have attending - If you would like your session at home or in The Coven.

We will go from there. These sessions are very limited and are capped at two per month.

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