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Join my 12 week online course

Hello Gorgeous Human, I'm so glad you're here! 

***Firstly - Please know my website is currently under construction and will be for a short while. I apologise for the inconvenience.***

I'm currently booked out for 1:1 readings - however if you would like to know when I release my sessions, all you need to do is to join my email list. 

There will be limited private readings released soon, as well as tickets to my next live show and online group sessions.

I'd love to work with you - so please add your email to the box to make sure you can be kept up to date when my readings drop. scroll down a little and you'll see it. 

Readings are booked via a link I send out, and all readings are 
via ZOOM. Although I live in Mount Gambier, South Australia the only in person readings I do are via my live shows and special events. 

In the meantime, you'll find me on Instagram, Facebook & TikTok
@medium.rhiannon.rose - Instagram
Medium Rhiannon Rose - Facebook 
@Medium.rhiannon.rose - TikTok

Big Love! 
Rhiannon Rose. 

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Join the waitlist

Be the first to find out when my readings drop and hear about special events

I am committed to being a dedicated voice for the departed

bringing you accurate, heartfelt and deep connections to spirit.

I am An Evidential Medium in  South Australia who connects to Spirit for
clients on a national and international scale. 


Hosting large scale live mediumship events with audience readings to small groups, 1:1’s In person and online anywhere - mediumship is my passion and what I do best 


I am passionate about being a dedicated voice for the departed, and committed to delivering the most accurate, meaningful, healing and beautifully delivered readings that help people move forward knowing their loved ones are still with them in spirit. 

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